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Jillian Beyor's tits need hosing off

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Jillian Beyor

All these reality shows work for the simple-minded American viewer because they build on simple, individual things. Beauty and the Geek focused on mixing dumb blondes with antisocial nerds and filming the turnout, simple as that. But they did fail to mention that the show also featured sexy chicks who love to strip and show their tits! Well, I guess you simply had to read between the lines to realize that, but we’re Americans dammit! Say you’re giving us boobs when you’re showing boobs!

Jillian Beyor

Er, that was a long enough intro for today’s reality hottie, Jillian Beyor. I might just have to quit tuning in to these TV shows for good and just wait for the actual nudity and titty-exposing to fall on my lap. After all, thse reality shows are already charging in that direction, so I might as well just head them off. No use waiting long to see some titties.

But let’s talk about them actual knockers, right? Jillian Beyor’s soapy titties, to be exact. If this babe needs a hand hosing off the suds in her meaty chesticles, I’ll gladly put my cock to good use and wash her off with my load. Then she can rinse herself with soap and water. Which I’ll hose off with my cock. And it’ll just go on and on.

Jillian Beyor

I hope you’ve got enough strength reserved to fully enjoy seeing Jillian Beyor naked in the bathtub. Trust me, her tits won’t stop staring until you’ve spilled the last drop.