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Sara Jean Underwood naked in all places

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Sara Jean Underwood

What else do you really expect from a show named “The Girls Next Door?” Playboy house bunnies, of course! And whenever the word Playboy appears, what else are we supposed to do? Grab a wet tissue and start massaging our dicks, all ready to get jizz out. And note, all that just from the word PLAYBOY. What if we add three more words, like, say, Sara Jean Underwood?

Sara Jean Underwood

Easy now, you horndpgs, these are just sample pictures of 2007’s Playmate of the Year. Here we have her straddling a tire swing, bending on a horse, and sexing her body in all the right places. Hot hot hot! Just imagine slamming her right there and then on that moving swing, or humping her restless riding on that horse, or simply screwing her on the bed and finally ripping those lace undies off. Oh shoot, I think I just came.

Sara Jean Underwood

Well with that out of the way, here are some more raunchy pussy pictures of Sara Jean Underwood. Ms. Underwood, you have officially took the place of the Kendra posters I have in my room.

The Shannon Twins naked and hot as hell in Playboy

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


What’s hotter than a naked blonde chick with a perfect 10 tits and ass? Answer:  two perfect 10 naked blonde twins! The Shannon Twins could just might be the most interesting thing that ever happened in Hugh Heffner’s playboy mansion but unfortunately, Kristina and Karissa decided to move out of Hugh Heffner’s mansion but with his blessing, their hot juicy tits will still appear in the famous reality tv show The Girls Next Door.


The Shannon twins naked bodies graced the double summer issue of Playboy as Miss July and Miss August 2009. Seen here in these pics are Kristina and Karissa Shannon both naked and sharing a chocolate in a lustful manner. Incest, much? In the other pics, you can see them both ass-naked while one of them sits on top of the other with her legs slightly spread. I could think of a better way on how to make these shots more boner-inducing but I’m afraid I’m already crossing the line.