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Paris Hilton nipslip in a cut-out white gown

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

One can never be too careful in these tight-fit revealing gowns. In Hollywood, every single celebrity who dare wear something sexy in front of their fans and wherever they may wander, paparazzi are sure to be just a few inches away from their pace and taking all the pictures they can, hoping something worthwhile would happen. You know, something like what Paris Hilton might have successfully given these photogs, some piece of skin from that perky juggs of hers.

While a lot of us already seen so many leaked photos of Paris where her tits are displayed rather shamelessly, it’s still a hit on the net when there’s a sudden flash of those funbags while they are in their supposedly glamorous getup. always has a way to catch these red carpet offenders and we make sure to bring you the hottest picture galleries where famous celebs like Paris Hilton are caught in a not-so-flattering image. Gotta blame their choice in outfits. But probably they do want to ‘accidentally’ show their butt or give a peek of their twat when they go for a no-undies look under those body-hugging mini dresses.

Besides, these instances give them the spotlight and maybe a month’s worth of publicity when it comes to social media. Paris Hilton fits right in Reality Star Scandals since she’s one of ’em hardcore babes who has a lot hiding under those sleeves if she needed to be in the center of it all. This photo set is just the tip of the iceberg as you can only hope to see more of those perky tits. We have more revealing stuff to show soon so better watch out for those.

Kat Von D glamourously sexy in Vancouver

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

kat von d sexy in vancouver

Kat Von D was spotted arriving in Vancouver earlier today. Kat seems to be laying low for the moment. I wonder if she’s considering returning to reality TV? I just miss watching her in Miami Ink and LA Ink especially when Kat Von D always wear tight-fit clothes which gives definition to her shapely body.

kat von d sexy

Kat Von D’s pale light complexion compliments her tattoos well plus the fact that she got gorgeous looks and ravishing sexy body…no wonder Jesse James fell horny and the two got married for short period of time. Maybe Jesse James married Kat only for the nookie and he’s probably got the last laugh ‘coz the short period was well worth fucking Kat Von D all year long.

kat von d hot and sexy

If you say tattoo, you say Kat Von D. But what about Kat Von D Fuck Tape? Wanna see if she gags? Do you think she swallows, or she rides like a bitch she is? I was curious to see those boobies get titty fucked. Go ahead and check out more of Kat Vond D’s hot pictures.