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Kim Kardashian looks sexy in a LBD in London

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Kim Kardashian looks sexy in a LBD in London-01

Reality Star Scandals bring us these scorching hot candid images of Kim Kardashian while flaunting her cleavage and pantyless butt for all you pervs to enjoy! Just look at Kim Kardashian’s tit crack in that black downblouse, it really looks like those epic knockers of hers is causing our favorite skanky celeb some pain.

Kim Kardashian looks sexy in a LBD in London-02

She’s looking very foxy here too and I just love staring at monstrous and bouncing hooters pupping out of her wardrobe! She really has curves that stun with her hot romp and that juicy pair of boobs to boot. And look at those nice and round ass flashing for our eyes to feast on as she maybe forgot to wear her pantie! Just take a long look at extreme perfection, it’s a total delight checking out her figure and every time I see it I think I love her a bit more.

Kim Kardashian looks sexy in a LBD in London-03

You’ll surely love these steamy photo updates, with Kim Kardashian and her wardrobe malfunction giving a reason to become the paparazzi’s favorite Hollywood [hottie|cutie|star]]! If you want to see more of her and tons of other burning hot and sexy Hollywood stars getting caught doing lecherous things, check out Reality Star Scandals today!

Holly Madison Busting Out Of A Teeny Bikini|Showing Off Her Big Boobs And Mini Baby Bump In A Two Piece

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Holly Madison skanking it out in a tiny bikini

It’s a busty treat on this week’s smoking hot celebrity updates from Reality Star Scandals! The celeb boob under the spotlight belongs to Holly Madison as she busts out her busts in a super itty-bitty bikini while at some event slash party slash frat hell. We are all used on seeing this former Girls Next Door celebrity acting like she’s a skanky slut and total cam whore. But looking at these sensuous bikini photos of Holly Madison, this babe looks classy and incredibly sweet.

Holly Madison has these big boobs to flauntHolly Madison monster boobies in a teeny bikini

I wonder if this reality star’s pregrancy is causing all this toned down vibes? If you don’t know, this blonde TV celeb is on the way to being a certified MILF. This mom-to-be celebrity is preggy, and it might not show on these photos but Holly Madison has this itsty bitsy baby bump. You won’t notice it insntantly because her boobs are still bigger than her belly. This reality TV celeb’s future kid has a bright future ahead, the lucky baby would be sucking on those fine set of Holly Madison’s surgically enhanced boobs and stiff nipples.

Holly Madison busting out of a teeny bikini

It looks like Holly Madison is enjoying chilling out in these busty bikini snaps. She’s comfortable displaying her curves and mini baby bump. But all eyes was on her delicious boobs. I just can’t imagine Hefner letting those titties go after seven years. Oh, sec, the old guy has his own harem of nubile college nymphos dressed in sexy bunny suits. Let me rephrase that, I just can’t imagine how much Hefner paid for Holly Madison’s epic titties for seven years. If you want to see more of this booby reality celeb and tons of other hot reality celebs skanking it out, head on to Reality Star Scandals today!

Daisy De La Hoya's topless photoshoot

Sunday, May 30th, 2010


Rock of Love 2 is the home of the most dirtiest, skankiest celebrity wannabes on earth. In here you will watch how these whores really get on with their day. Some are full of drama, some are full of shit and some, are full of jugs.  She may look just like an ordinary bimbo whore, but behind Daisy de La Hoya’s tits and wild attitude on tv, she is just a woman who needs not only to be fucked hard but to be loved good.

In an interview back in 2009, the big-tittied latina bombshell claimed that she is the neice of the retired boxer Oscar dela Hoya. I wouldn’t it, since she’s a damn knockout! She also stated that she’s a real person and everything you see about her is real, which makes me wonder…what about that rack, is it real too? In my personal opinion, since Daisy de La Hoya looks like a pornstar, she should just join the industry. I’m sure with her hot as hell bodacious body, she’ll end up being more famous than her uncle.


Rachel Stevens hot moves in Strictly Come Dancing

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Rachel Stevens hot pics

I’ve followed Rachel Stevens‘ career ever since I first saw her in the pop band S Club 7. And that’s no wonder because she is so hot. With her pretty dimples and her sultry eyes, you can never go wrong with this hottie. It just adds to her hotness that she is a very talented singer and dancer. Her hot moves got her a spot in the dance reality show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Rachel Stevens hot pics

With her partner Vince Simone, Rachel got very high scores in the reality show, that she became the favorite to win the season’s dance competition. Together they hold the most perfect 10s in the entire history of the show. With this much hope, Rachel was really devastated when she and her partner only placed second at the season finale.

Rachel Stevens hot pics

Anyway, enough of the talks, I know you’re here to get Rachel Stevens nudes and sexy pics, so go ahead and check them all out at Reality Stars Scandals!

Nicole Richie has earned her MILF status

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Nicole Richie beach pics

Before reality star Nicole Richie used to look like a bamboo pole because of her thin, anorexic stature. She doesn’t even have boobs to begin with. Remember her The Simple Life days? So, if anyone asks whether Nicole is a MILF or not at that time, I’ll say NO, with passion.

Nicole Richie and fiance Joel Madden

But after having two kids with fiance Joel Madden, Nicole just seem to have trasformed to a MILF. Well, not only she has tits now, she somehow gained a few pounds that made her look like a real person and not like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings movie. This doesn’t usually happen to women in general, because most of them get bloated and become obese after giving birth. But not Nicole, no, because she has become sexier and hotter than ever.

Nicole Richie nip slip

Anyway, check out more Nicole Richie’s sexy pics here!