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Kim Kardashian is lucky

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Kim Kardashian curvy ass

Kim Kardashian has the best job in the world. You know what she does? Nothing! And she gets paid for it. The reality star just have to go around anywhere with her big curvy ass, talk to her sisters once in a while, or to her mom, with cameras rolling and she gets all the money. Now, she just make a Twitter update and she gets 10,000 dollars a tweet. It sucks to be us, really.

Kim Kardashian curvy ass

And all this luck came to her because of her special skill–getting fucked from behind by black dudes. Yes, it was her doggie-style sextape that started it all and got her where she is now. Following the steps of her frenemy Paris Hilton, Kim climbed fast the social ladder, got the term celebutante to write in her resume, because of the hardcore fuck she and her ex-boyfriend Ray J did and taped (and leaked on the internet).

Kim Kardashian upskirt

Speaking of the sextape, I know you all want to watch it. I’m pretty generous today, so go ahead and drop by here to view the video.