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Victoria Silvestedt: from Playboy to My Perfect Life

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Victoria Silvestedt bikini pics

With her blonde hair and perfect curves, Swedish MILF Victoria Silvestedt got her way into the limelight easily, landing various modelling job and of course, being recognized as a blonde bombshell from the 90s until today. They say no one’s perfect, but Victoria’s body is, and perhaps it was the reason why Hugh Hefner personally recruited her as a Playboy model, eventually becoming Playmate of the Year 1997. From then on, she has stapled her name into the international scene, and now, she stars in her own reality show, My Perfect Life.

Victoria Silvestedt bikini pics

What’s great about Victoria’s reality show is that you get to see her in bikinis most of the time. And you know what that means, nip slip, see-through nipples, cameltoes, anytime. You can never go wrong with Victoria’s silicone-filled tits! This show is indeed perfect!

Victoria Silvestedt bikini pics

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Nicole Richie has earned her MILF status

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Nicole Richie beach pics

Before reality star Nicole Richie used to look like a bamboo pole because of her thin, anorexic stature. She doesn’t even have boobs to begin with. Remember her The Simple Life days? So, if anyone asks whether Nicole is a MILF or not at that time, I’ll say NO, with passion.

Nicole Richie and fiance Joel Madden

But after having two kids with fiance Joel Madden, Nicole just seem to have trasformed to a MILF. Well, not only she has tits now, she somehow gained a few pounds that made her look like a real person and not like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings movie. This doesn’t usually happen to women in general, because most of them get bloated and become obese after giving birth. But not Nicole, no, because she has become sexier and hotter than ever.

Nicole Richie nip slip

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