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Kat Von D Looking Fresh|Wearing Black Bras|Sluts It Out On The Streets While In A Bright Yellow Tank Top

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Kat Von D sexy in her street clothes

Reality Stars Scandals brings us sultry candid snapshots of our favorite punk rock celeb slut, Ms. Kat Von D. This week, the cameras caught the LA Ink’s celebrity out and about and making the streets of LA a lot more dangerous. I’m not talking about the crime rate nor Kat Von D’s gazillion body tattoos. I’m talking about a hike in percentage of both motoring and pedestrian related accidents. Because when you see Kat Von D out on the streets, you’ll end up locking your eyes on her. She’s just damn beautiful, in a dirty kind of way which are both good if you are in LA.

Kat Vond D sexy while out and about

I would be raving like crazy with these sexy street pics of Kat Von D, especially when she’s wearing tank tops and on this celebrity sighting, that tattooed TV celeb was sporting a super bright tank top that makes her boobs look yummier! But sadly, the creamy reality TV personality was tugging his twink of a boyfriend. Yes, the guy is a twink no matter how many tattoos and piercings he’s got. Not even the gorgeousness of Kat Von D can make him look like man. He’s a twink. Apparently Kat Von D likes twinks.

Kat Von D hot and sexy in tank tops

Well, if I had a girlfriend as beautiful, no, as nasty, actually Kat Von D is the only reality celebrity who can really be called beautiful and dirty. I want to ravage her like an animal. I know you lads too! Feel free to gawk over these hot and sensuous photographs of Kat Von D. There’s more reality celebrity pics and videos to enjoy inside Reality Stars Scandals!

Nina Osenar rubbing tits with another bitch

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Nina Osenar

Leave it to Big Brother to find the sexiest scandalous babes on every country. Nina Osenar is a Slovenian model and singer who had a short stint in Big Brother’s house in Slovenia. And clearly, in these raunchy exposed pictures of her, she also had a short-lived affair with a former Miss Slovenia.

Nina Osenar

Now I’m one of the millions who enjoy a little girl on girl action. Especially with sexy Slovenian models. I could just imagine them letting me join in after a few minutes of tit-rubbing and clit-sliding. I’ll fucking bang that twat and suck off the other’s pussy. Then they’ll take turns blowing me off, while begging to be the first to get a facial. Man, I can’t wait to unload my cum on those slutty pouts!

Nina Osenar

Now I can never tell whether the guys she was with in the Big Brother house had ever seen even one of Nina Osenar’s delicious bazongas. But let’s not mind those sorry pervs, and focus instead on what we have right here – naked pictures of Nina fucking another bitch. And it doesn’t get any better than that.

Kat Von D topless tattooed lesbian

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


Kat Von D from Miami Ink is making me change my view on tattooed chicks. I wasn’t really into chicks with a shitload of ink on her body, since I find it dirty and not in a sexual way. But after seeing these titillating pics of Kat Von D topless with her smoking hot body rested against another tattooed chick’s  body, I ‘m a changed motherfucker. I think I want to fuck a chick as hot as this hardcore kitten.


Let’s be more specific here. These hot pics makes me want to be Hulk so I would have the strength to fend away the security men who wants to keep me from slamming my throbbing cock inside Kat Von D’s pussy after fucking her throat hard and deep. And if I’m lucky, creampie Kat Von D’s ass or shoot my load all over her tits so she can have something other than ink tattooed on her. In other words, I’ll fuck her in every other way.