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Heidi Montag candid shots of her big titties

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

heidi montag big boobs

Our resident paparazzi caught the boobilicious Heide Montag going to some sort of a baby shower party. Wearing a pink tight top, we can’t help but notice how her melons stand out for the whole world to see. We’ve seen so much of her in MTV’s The Hills but since then we couldn’t get enough of until her name becomes synonymous to large juggs.

heide montag big breasts

That’s right…flaunt it good baby yeah! Heide Montag doesn’t seem to mind any paparazzi focusing on her large pair of boobies. A sign of exhibitionism perhaps? Heck we all love to shoot loads of cum right on Heidi Montag’s big titties! Just protrude your big boobies more,Heidi…please!

heidi montag large melons

Feast your horny eyes on Heide Montag’s big breasts and see if you can’t help but slip out your cock and jack off. We also have tons more pics of Heide Montag naked. Don’t believe me? Come see them…I dare you.

Heidi Montag's probably 99% plastic now

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Heidi Montag cleavage pics

Heidi Montag has recently debuted her new face and body for all the world to see, after months of hiding from the paparazzi. Last November, the reality star went under the knife for 10 procedures in a day to make her transformation to a life-sized Barbie. She had her nose and cheeks done, among other procedures, and had breasts implants, increasing her bust size to DDD. Heidi would’ve gone further if only her plastic surgeon had not stop her. The Hills actress wanted to have H cups for her tits, but the doctor wouldn’t allow it anymore.

Heidi Montag cleavage pics

Now, there’s a mixed reaction to Heidi’s shocking transformation. Some saying, Heidi did too much, while others are happy with the results. I, personally, am happy with Heidi’s new cup size. And though I’m not a fan of her famewhore antics and attention-seeking ways, I felt delighted seeing how big Heidi’s tits are, and would have wanted to see how an H cup would look like. I even heard she’ll do Playboy again and this time will go nude all the way. Now, that I wouldn’t miss. But in the meantime, I’ll settle with her sexy pics I have here.

Heidi Montag cleavage pics