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Triana Iglesias begging for a quick mean fuck

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Triana Iglesias

Even before getting a stint on Norway’s Dancing with the Stars, Triana Iglesias has already landed on the covers of famous men’s magazine in UK, Greece, Spain, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Columbia, Mexico, Poland, Venezuela, and France. Whew.

Triana Iglesias

The Norwegian model, of Spanish descent, has had her body exposed in every way possible. Just look at these racy naked pictures of her, writhing on the sands at a beach, holding a fully-frown snake, and teasing with skimpy sexy lingerie. Who wouldn’t want to fuck her in all places? She seems to have rounded up the bedroom though, from the bathroom sink, to the bedroom floor, and finally, of course, on the bed with the immaculate white sheets she would cover with her overflowing jizz.

Triana Iglesias

Man, this is one yummy celeb I’d like to fuck over and over and over. She also looks like she’s up for it, with these overwhelming cocktease naked pictures of her, legs spread open, ready for some mean all-night banging.

Brooke Burke is a naked dancing star

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Brooke Burke

So for the tenth season of Dancing With The Stars, the series hauled back Brooke Burke’s ass on set after shaking her booty to championship on the seventh season. Obviously, the show wanted the ratings to shoot high like month-long held cum spurting into an open chick’s mouth, which is why they made the decision.

Brooke Burke

And who the hell wouldn’t want to see Brooke Burke on TV, with a smokin’ hot body like hers and a perfect pair of titties to boot? One thing I’m sure DWTS can’t show you pervs though are these topless and raunchy pictures of Brooke Burke before she went mainstream. Look at Brooke Burke giving her partner the skank eye; she’s obviously sending him signals to sneak into her trailer so she can maximize the time she’s paid to be naked. In other words, she wants that dick of his up her pussy.

Brooke Burke

Now, every time you watch reruns of your favorite reality show, you can imagine Brooke Burke’s tits jiggling inside her heavily-sequined dresses and have more reasons to rub one out in front of the TV. You’re welcome.

Shannon Doherty's hot lingerie pics

Thursday, May 20th, 2010


You may think being the hottest chick in one of the most popular tv series in the 90’s, Beverly Hills 90210, is all fun and games until you end up twenty years later as one of the serial homewreckers in Hollywood. She reportedly tried to steal a couple of married men from their wives, the latest one is a photographer names Kurt Iswarienko. Can you blame these fools on this one? It’s Shannon Doherty.


The same kinky wild sex kitten who posed naked for Playboy and other lad mags and brought quite a few pics to add on your nipple slip and panty upskirt collection? I don’t think anyone can resist seeing Shannon Doherty naked. The succulent round breasts…the full-figured body and luscious lips made for sucking a fat cock…I rest my case.


Denise Richards doesn't want young women to get boob jobs

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Denise Richards hot bikini pics

Denise Richards is slowly revamping her name in Hollywood these days, thanks to her reality show, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, her stint in another reality show Dancing With The Stars, and of course, her involvement in the latest controversies surrounding her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. But years back when Denise got famous for landing a role on the movie, Wild Things. The reality actress became the subject of men’s fantasies because of her lesbian scenes on the movie, and of course, because of her banging body. But Denise’s assets didn’t come naturally, in fact, her tits have undergone plastic surgeries three times to make them as perfect as they are now.

Denise Richards hot bikini pics

But then again, when interviewed by Howard Stern in his radio show, Denise gave an advice to young girls about boob jobs, telling them, “Don’t do it!” Yeah, she sounds a little hypocrite. Well, her lovely tits were what took her to where she is now, and she goes discouraging young women to fulfill their dreams, well, getting bigger breasts. But then again, Denise might just be thinking then, go find a good doctor. Yeah, maybe that’s what she meant.

Denise Richards hot bikini pics

Anyway. there are more of Denise Richards sexy pics and nudes right here, so go ahead and check them out.

Stacy Keibler bikini pics

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Stacy Keibler's bikini pics

I don’t know why people watch and even care about Dancing With The Stars. That show is for losers. Case in point, all the “celebrities” featured in that crap of a show are those whose careers went downhill already. Yeah. All of them, except Stacy Keibler.

Stacy Keibler's bikini pics

Sorry that this post has to start on rants, I mean, I only want to talk about Stacy Keibler in the first place. I don’t know what has gotten into my head that I even mentioned DWTS. Well, anyway, Stacy was seen out in a beach somewhere celebrating the New Year. And as always, she looked fucking hot in a bikini. Man, God knows how much I’d give up to fuck that sweet piece of heaven.

Stacy Keibler's bikini pics

I wish she’d show off more than just her bikini bod. She should appear topless, or do a sextape for crying out loud. I want more of her. Good thing I found more of her sexy pics, and I’ll be generous enough to share them with all of you. Just drop by here and jerk off to her hotness!