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UK Reality Star Amy Childs Flashing Her Cleavy During Her Perfume Launch|Shamelessly Showing Off Her Tits And Ass

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Amy Childs making her cleavage smell like roses

Let’s start September with a big bang here at Reality Star Scandals! Here’s a twin big bang for you guys, racy photos of UK reality star Amy Childs and her shameless tit and booty flashing at some event. This Big Brother slut and star of The Only Way is Essex is flashing her trademark big boobs and big butt together with her small brain at the Boots store somewhere in Manchester, England.

Amy Childs and her big cleavage

I don’t know what’s going on, but apparently there’s been an influx of reality celebrity skanks from the UK and rest of Europe. Well, I really don’t mind at all, especially if they are all like Amy Childs in these sweet cleavage photos. The 22 year old red head looks seductive and down right dirty and ready for sex while wearing that black cocktail dress with see through laces that gives us ample views of those mammoth tits. For someone who mentioned that she didn’t get her pussy wet on live UK radio, this reality star is doing good. Not everyone can get perfume endorsements. I mean only Jennifer Aniston, Fergie, Beyonce, Akon, Rihanna and doesn’t Bruce Willis have one yet? Okay scrap that, everyone can get perfume edorsement contracts. But not everyone can have sweet big tits just like Amy Childs’ awesome cleavage shot in these photos.

Amy Childs shameless butt exposure pics

This UK reality starlet even gave the paparazzi covering the event sweet views of her magnanimous butt! Just look at Amy Childs in this photo as she poses her ass shamelessly. Well, you really couldn’t blame the babe, her big boobs and big butt combo are just eye magnets. Too bad we can’t hear her sultry and flirtatious voice and that uber sexy Brit accent. If you want to see more of Amy Childs’ shameless photos and other hot reality star celebs skanking it out in public, head on over at Reality Star Scandals today!

Kimberly Wyatt is a retired Doll with a still hungry pussy

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Kimberly Wyatt

Before being one-third of the judges in Got to Dance UK, Kimberly Wyatt is one-fifth of the raunchy dance group The Pussycat Dolls. And even then, my eyes got glued to her gyrating on the dance floor, her whorish pout almost always in place with every fucking move.

Kimberly Wyatt

And she was just a lot hotter in this photoshoot with her flinging her hair away dancing naughtily while clad only in silk and lace and see through lingerie. I wouldn’t mind being her dancing partner just once. Armed with two left feet, I know she’d find good use for me when I try to sneak a finger in on that yummy cunt while lifting her and spinning her in the air. Or rubbing those blessed awesome tits when she starts sliding her body up and down against mine.

Kimberly Wyatt

Oh what the fuck, I’m just gonna grab her and haughtily throw her against the wall or unto the bed and sex her all night. My two left feet aren’t really up for the challenge of dancing with her but my big meaty cock is sure as hungry as her sweet pink wet twat. Look at these raunchy naked pictures of her and you’ll see what I mean.