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Taya Parker just wants to be naked

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Taya Parker

When we get to the bottom of all these reality programs, only one thing is certain: these reality chicks just want to be naked. Taya Parker certainly does. It didn’t take long after her appearance in the Rock of Love Bus that Taya Parker’s nude pictures surfaced, showing what Bret Michaels saw in the slut. After seeing Taya’s huge melons and shaved pussy, I wished I had a reality show of my own too.

Taya Parker

You probably would too, if it meant having sexy sluts like Taya Parker scrambling against other chicks to put your cock in their pussy before the others do. I might find it hard to keep the competition running, because one look at Taya Parker’s delicious pussy and my cock stiffening up will declare her the winner. Of course there are other hot sluts in the game who have something going on too, but Taya Parker’s seductive gaze and tight ass is just drawing me in.

Taya Parker

If she’s doing the same magic to your cock, I suggest checking out the rest of Taya Parker’s naked pussy pictures and enjoying them all. If Bret Michaels had a lick at this hot piece of cunt, why shouldn’t you?

Liz McClarnon's atomic tits will blow your mind

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Liz McClarnon

Let’s leave it to the British to lead out the sluts of reality television, huh? Now, before Atomic Kitten’s Liz McClarnon’s career took a nosedive by joining the reality show Love Island, she was a respected hot chick who had talent and something good going with her career. But after being branded a reality ‘star’, any respect for her is out the window, replaced with the stereotype of being a no-career, hard-partying whore living her five minutes of fame.

Liz McClarnon

It’s this pressure to stay afloat in the biz that made Liz McClarnon pose naked for the cameras and show her hot English kittens. Sure, everybody’s done a bit of titty showing here and there, but this being Liz McClarnon, there’s no doubt her naked pictures have the extra flavor to keep your masturbating habits in check.

Liz McClarnon

Even in a bikini, Liz McClarnon is giving me all kinds of ideas when I find myself naked with her. I’ll rip her two-piece off with my mouth and slowly lick my way from her erect nipples down to her hanging vagina, which I’ll nibble until she squirts her atomic vagina juice in ecstasy. See how easy it is? Just feast on Liz McClarnon’s sexy bikini pictures and follow suit.

Danielle Lineker's bikini body is sinful

Thursday, July 1st, 2010


Not everything that is in the vicinity of Hell are ugly creatures. It’s true however that some are sizzlin’ hot seductive little devils like Danielle Lineker from Hell’s Kitchen. These shots of Danielle Lineker’s bikini body and are just plain sinful.


So sinfully awesome that I’m having a huge lustful boner right now just thinking about how fuckin’ hot it is to see Danielle Lineker naked and bent over for me on that kitchen table while I plough her pink creamy pussy doggiestyle. Now that’s a visual that can make me cum to high hell.