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Gretchen Rossi sexy housewife from Orange County

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


Hot dayum…does this sexy housewife  from The Real Housewives from Orange County sure know how to turn a soft cock stiff or what? I’ve always had a thing for housewives who doesn’t know anything but to cook, do the laundry and be sex slaves in the bedroom at night.


If you’re like me who’s hot for a housewife in daisy dukes, then you’re probably lusting over Gretchen Rossi’s naked body on in your bedroom right now. She’s got a body that was made for fucking and who knows what kinky stuff she knows in the bedroom. All I know is a blonde bombshell who’s got a sexy tight body like hers know how to work it in the sack.


Kim Zolciak's bikini body makes her the perfect housewife

Thursday, June 10th, 2010


If you follow the reality tv show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you may already remember this blonde bombshell as the “homewrecker” who admits that he loves dating married men. I’m not sure what she meant  by that but I’m thinking maybe she likes the sensation of a married dick in her MILF pussy. Whatever the reason may be, I have to admit she’s one of the hottest housewives in that reality show.


And if you really follow the show, then I have a feeling you’re probably following Kim Zolciak’s tits wherever they go. The celebrity MILF and a mom of two told an interview before that she would gladly strip her clothes off for Playboy so right now we’re just playing the waiting game. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we see Kim Zolciak’s naked body getting fucked by a group of horny married men.


Sabrina Sabrok's monster tits at the beach

Sunday, June 6th, 2010


Good lawd almigty! Can they make tits any more bigger?? Big Brother Mexico’s Sabrina Sabrok’s tits can mince any dick to dust after titty fucking those monsters! And if that is really the case, I wouldn’t mind getting my dick minced because I bet it would feel insanely good!

Here she is firing up my screen with her topless pics that is giving me a huge boner. If these massive tits are giving you a hard-on, just imagine seeing Sabrina Sabrok’s pussy in hardcore action. She looks like the type who can handle two cocks, one each in her pussy and ass!


Caprice Bourret glamour lingerie photoshoot

Thursday, May 13th, 2010


Caprice Bourret has been featured in a lot of lad magazines including GQ, FHM, Cosmopolitan, Maxim and Playboy and you still wonder why? Just look at her smoking hot body when she slips into a bikini or her round tits and sexy thighs when she graces lingerie spreads.


That is why it’s not a surprise that Caprice Bourret was awarded GQ’s Magazine Woman of the Year and Maxim International Woman of the Year three times in a row. It must be the way Caprice Bourret’s tits and abs are built that makes her look insanely luscious infront of the camera…can you imagine how ridiculously hot she must be naked?


Tyra Banks orange bikini candids

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Tyra Banks orange bikini

Tyra Banks was caught by the paparazzi getting frisky with her boyfriend in a swimming pool somewhere I was too lazy to look up. Now, they didn’t have sex in public or something, nor did they make-out, but I found it worth posting because the America’s Next Top Model host is in an orange bikini. And she’s on her way to becoming a fatty.

Tyra Banks orange bikini

Yes, her big, tasty tits are still there, complete with massive cleavage, but then again, there seems to be a problem with her waistline. It’s like she’s following Oprah‘s steps with regards to body size or something. Tyra didn’t even take off the scarf around her waist in the pics, so I assume she isn’t very proud her tummy is still not as big the talkshow host.

Tyra Banks orange bikini

Well, anyway, check out more of Tyra Banks bikini pics and nudes right here on Reality Stars Scandals.

Audrina Patridge thinks Heidi did "a little much"

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Audrina Patridge bikini pics

The Hills reality star Heidi Montag went under the knife and had 10 procedures done in one day to transform herself into a life-sized Barbie Doll, and her co-star Audrina Patridge comments negatively about it, saying “10 procedures in a day is a little much.

Audrina Patridge bikini pics

Yes, for Audrina it’s a little much because if it was her, she’d do it gradually. Though the reality actress never admitted anything, we know better than believing her big tits are real. Hello, they’re exclaiming “plastic” all over! There were rumors her nose got a little plastic surgery too, but Audrina wants us to believe it’s all natural. Right.

Audrina Patridge bikini pics

Though she won’t come clean about it, we’re not complaining that Audrina got a boob job, because we love it. Seeing her in bikinis with her huge racks almost popping out is heaven. So, more bikini pics, Audrina, we beg you!