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Kim Kardashian stuffs her ass in a tight white swimsuit

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Kim Kardashian stuffs her ass in a tight white swimsuit

Here’s a few sexy photos of Kim Kardashian acting like her normal slutty self for this week’s edition of Reality Star Scandals. The big boobed and big booty Hollywood socialite was seen at the beach wearing something I just don’t know what to call. I’m torn whether to call it a bikini or a scuba gear for whores. I mean just look at these weird but still hot beach photos of Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is sporting a skanky bikini outfit

The booby reality show star had her waistline way up high, guaranteeing to confuse us all. With that belt way up her waist, it’s hard to focus and appreciate her shapely body. I spent hours ponding on should I look at her breast first, her crotch area or this celeb’s big fat thighs, which I might are looking bigger and bigger everyday. One thing is sure tho’, Kim Kardashian’s beach outfit on these photos just cemented this hot reality star’s status as the consumate Hollywood cam whore. Who the hell wakes up in the morning and say “Hey, I’ll wear this at the beach and make everyone guess what it is”, only Kim Kardashian does.

Kim Kardashian stuffs her ass in a tight white swimsuit

Typically you’d be expecting some nice pics of Kim Kardashian’s nice plump bum but her weird bathing suit gives us prime views on other things great on her body. Those big and tasty tits are awesome. The candid bikini shots of Kim Kardashian gives us hundreds of ideas on the things that we can wedge between this Hollywood slut’s tasty cleavage. Endless possibilities, the cleavage of Kim Kardashian is just too damn huge and tasty that I strongly believe it’ll accommodate almost anything. There are tons of other hot reality starlets skanking it out just like Kim Kardashian here, head on to Reality Star Scandals today!

Latina|Venezuelan|Stunning Reality TV Star|Celeb|Celebrity Aida Yespica Photos In|Showing Off Her Ass In A Thong Bikini

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Aida Yespica thong bikini candids in Porto Cervo 3

Reality Star Scandals is going international today with these hot bikini photos of Venezuelan reality TV show personality Aida Yespica. She’s a reality star with a perfect body! Drool over her hot Latina ass, boobs and creamy long legs on these candid photos!

Aida Yespica thong bikini candids in Porto Cervo 2

This week’s slutty reality star photo updates features international cam whoring hottie Aida Yespica while she’s acting like a skanky at Porto Cervo. Besides dipping her feet in the messy world of reality television, the Latina celeb also have a modelling career and has a beauty pageant history. Before I tell more about this stunning reality star from Southern America, I’ll let you guys enjoy the hot photos of Aida Yespica’s plump pussy while she bends over wearing that flimsy bikini bottom!

Aida Yespica thong bikini candids in Porto Cervo

Now that is just instant masturbation material! But this Latina celeb has more to offer! Just check out those titties! I’m not entirely religious, but often ask god why he gave Latina men the hottest women. That or why I’m a pale whitey stuck in Milwaukee. Boo! Fortunately I can quickly forget about god’s injustice and mistreatment to caucasians and enjoy lewd photos of reality star Aida Yespica as she shows some ass and sideboobs while wearing super tiny bikini! If you like to see more of her and many other reality TV born celebs from all over the world, check out Reality Star Scandals today!

Paris Hilton Knows We Can Not Resist The Allure Of|Refuse Gawking At Her Bikini Hotness

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

paris hilton tiny bikini photos

Reality Star Scandals gives us tantalizing bikini photographs of Paris Hilton, proving that when it comes to being a reality celeb, the blonde hotel heiress is the real deal and No.1 reality star in the world today! She’s at some beach, the exact area is deemed unimportant, the important thing is Paris Hilton is there gracing the scene wearing a tiny sting bikini.

paris hilton cameltoe and nipples photos

By now, no one comes near on claiming Paris Hilton’s place as the top reality celebrity on the planet. She knows that whatever they say about her, the world will still feast on her candid pictures especially if she’s wearing a bikini! Paris Hilton’s tiny bikini pictures at the beach clearly shows that she knows the cameras are rolling, making sure that the paparazzi get her best side as she eagerly flaunts that skinny body. This top reality celeb is a professional cam whore and Hollywood is digging her vibes! There’s no such thing as overexposure and media saturation for Ms. Hilton. She’s hot and sexy and everything that this sexy reality TV celeb does is a Hollywood scandal waiting to happen.

paris hilton newest sex scandals

Paris Hilton’s amazing bikini beach pictures would have been better if this long-legged blonde starlet didn’t cover her crotch and butt area with that shoal. I bet she did that because her podgy camel toe is just too fat for her itsy bitsy bikini. If you like this celeb’s sexy teaser photos, head on over at Reality Star Scandals and see softcore and hardcore photos and sex tapes of Paris Hilton and tons of other reality TV show celebrities!

Makosi Musambasi exposes her mammaries

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Makosi Musambasi

Part of the fun in following these reality stars whore up on television is to continue the voyeurism after their shows have ended. Often, having the paparazzi trail their pussies gives us plenty of things to jack off to, especially when they’re following sluts like Makosi Musambasi from Britain’s version of Big Brother.

Makosi Musambasi

To anybody following her show, Makosi was infamous for staging dramatic scenes with the housemates. She was received badly by fans of the show, but which didn’t stop her from keeping her titties relevant. These paparazzi shots of Makosi Musambasi sunbathing nude are proof that her giant jugs are doing their job of staying afloat. I’m not sure though, why the bitch is sunning herself out. Being black, you really can’t get anything from tanning your tits other than having a few jerkoffs rub one out behind a rock at your expense. Then again, that’s what we’re all doing with these pictures, huh?

Makosi Musambasi

It would be a shame if Makosi lost touch with the public, because those tits of hers are a pleasant gift from the producers of Big Brother. They make our hunt for big, erect titties an easy job, and a virtual tittyfuck an even easier feat to accomplish.

Stacy Keibler bikini pics

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Stacy Keibler's bikini pics

I don’t know why people watch and even care about Dancing With The Stars. That show is for losers. Case in point, all the “celebrities” featured in that crap of a show are those whose careers went downhill already. Yeah. All of them, except Stacy Keibler.

Stacy Keibler's bikini pics

Sorry that this post has to start on rants, I mean, I only want to talk about Stacy Keibler in the first place. I don’t know what has gotten into my head that I even mentioned DWTS. Well, anyway, Stacy was seen out in a beach somewhere celebrating the New Year. And as always, she looked fucking hot in a bikini. Man, God knows how much I’d give up to fuck that sweet piece of heaven.

Stacy Keibler's bikini pics

I wish she’d show off more than just her bikini bod. She should appear topless, or do a sextape for crying out loud. I want more of her. Good thing I found more of her sexy pics, and I’ll be generous enough to share them with all of you. Just drop by here and jerk off to her hotness!