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America's Next Top Model Adrianne Curry flashes her ass!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

hot adrianne curry ass

Can’t get enough of the sultry Adrianne Curry’s ass? Well look no further becaue we got more of Adrianne Curry’s hot and revealing photos. This time we have uncovered a huge load of her explicit photos where Adrianne not only dressed up in her sexy Princes Leia slave bikini outfit, she flashes her Top Model ass as well! And now you guys can get to see all of these steamy  pictures of Adrianne plus many more when you visit Reality Stars Scandals today and get a load of more surprises waiting for you there.

hot adrianne curry butt
Watch Adrianne get into several provocative and seductive poses with her beautiful toned body flaunting before the camera while getting all fired up and kinky. Adrianne, who is best known as the first winner of the reality television series America’s Next Top Model, had these nasty photos of herself taken at a comicbook convention.

hot adrianne curry bikini
To see more of reality star Adrianne Curry flashing her ass cheeks while cosplaying, head on over to Reality Stars Scandals.

Triana Iglesias begging for a quick mean fuck

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Triana Iglesias

Even before getting a stint on Norway’s Dancing with the Stars, Triana Iglesias has already landed on the covers of famous men’s magazine in UK, Greece, Spain, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Columbia, Mexico, Poland, Venezuela, and France. Whew.

Triana Iglesias

The Norwegian model, of Spanish descent, has had her body exposed in every way possible. Just look at these racy naked pictures of her, writhing on the sands at a beach, holding a fully-frown snake, and teasing with skimpy sexy lingerie. Who wouldn’t want to fuck her in all places? She seems to have rounded up the bedroom though, from the bathroom sink, to the bedroom floor, and finally, of course, on the bed with the immaculate white sheets she would cover with her overflowing jizz.

Triana Iglesias

Man, this is one yummy celeb I’d like to fuck over and over and over. She also looks like she’s up for it, with these overwhelming cocktease naked pictures of her, legs spread open, ready for some mean all-night banging.

Kimberly Wyatt is a retired Doll with a still hungry pussy

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Kimberly Wyatt

Before being one-third of the judges in Got to Dance UK, Kimberly Wyatt is one-fifth of the raunchy dance group The Pussycat Dolls. And even then, my eyes got glued to her gyrating on the dance floor, her whorish pout almost always in place with every fucking move.

Kimberly Wyatt

And she was just a lot hotter in this photoshoot with her flinging her hair away dancing naughtily while clad only in silk and lace and see through lingerie. I wouldn’t mind being her dancing partner just once. Armed with two left feet, I know she’d find good use for me when I try to sneak a finger in on that yummy cunt while lifting her and spinning her in the air. Or rubbing those blessed awesome tits when she starts sliding her body up and down against mine.

Kimberly Wyatt

Oh what the fuck, I’m just gonna grab her and haughtily throw her against the wall or unto the bed and sex her all night. My two left feet aren’t really up for the challenge of dancing with her but my big meaty cock is sure as hungry as her sweet pink wet twat. Look at these raunchy naked pictures of her and you’ll see what I mean.

Elena Santarelli is a yummy naked MILF

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Elena Santarelli

What I like the most about the Celebrity Survivor series was that they choose ultimately sexy celebrities and then have them wear nothing but the skimpiest clothing possible. And if you happen to chance by Italy’s version of the show, you’d be more than surprised to discover that the sexiest contestant, Elena Santarelli, is a bonafide mom to a handsome one-year-old.

Elena Santarelli

Because with a body like hers, you’d find it hard to believe where that little boy came from. Well, we all know really, but there just aren’t any enough marks to affirm it. Just look at these raunchy naked pictures of her and then try to run your eyes all over her entire naked body – her immaculate tits, her sexy muscled abs, her smooth big ass and those spicy  pair of milky legs. Do you see any marks at all? Oh well, who am I kidding? From the word tits I knew you weren’t looking for marks at all. But who can help it? Elena is one glorious MOM I’d LIKE to FUCK. Yes, she deserves to have that spelled out.

Elena Santarelli

And obviously, with the ever so big bulge I have in my pants now, my dick agrees with me. It’s too sad I only have her taunting titillating naked pictures. But those would suffice for now. Hopefully she poses spread-eagled next time so we’d all get to see that wet Italian MILF cunt.

Lisa Snowdon's tits ready for a swim

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Lisa Snowdon

Slutty aspiring teen models clad in whorish clothing or g-string bikinis or body paint or sometimes even nothing are enough for me to switch from basketball TV to another Next Top Model Series. And this time, I have my eyes focused not on the contestants but on the host of the Britain’s version of the show, Lisa Snowdon.

Lisa Snowdon

Her sexy English accent is enough for me to get my dick out, ready for some English-kissing and tongue lashing. I could imagine her screaming for me to fuck her more or saying Bollocks, you American cocks are huge! or something. I mean, just look at the way she pushes her boobs together in these topless bikini pictures of her. Those huge bouncing tits are perfect for a hardcore tittyfuck fest. I’ll just warm those knockers for a bit before sliding my dick into it.

Lisa Snowdon

And let’s not forget that tight ass. Who wouldn’t want to run their hands over those smooth rounded curves and hearing a loud whacking sound when you slap that cute pair? I know I would. Just looking at these raunchy half-naked pictures of Lisa Snowdon makes me crave for her even more.

Jennifer Ellison's tits smokin' hot in black lingerie

Sunday, July 25th, 2010


Here’s Jennifer Ellison, one of the hottest women in Hell’s Kitchen and in my opinion the rest of the reality TV world too. Seriously, who wouldn’t want Jennifer Ellison naked anywhere near your kitchen especially when she’s looking insanely fuckable in these steamy titillating pics.

Seen here is the smokin’ hot blonde vixen in tight black ultra sexy lingerie with her sweet juicy rack almost popping out. Jennifer Ellison is exactly what I need to keep my nights on wild fire. She sure looks like a wild untamed sex kitten who enjoys a thick cock in her ass…and I am very much willing.


Whitney Port's sideboobs slip at the beach

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010


If you love sideboobs then today is your lucky day! Because not only do we see some awesome sideboob peek, we get to see the nipples as well! Talk about hitting two birds in one stone! Well, today’s juicy whole sideboob shot is brought to us by Whitney Port’s tits.


As you can see, Whitney Port is out having fun at the beach when her bikini top got loose. So like any other shy chick, she got to it before she could go topless in the water. But what she didn’t know is that the paps are sly quick motherfuckers, and those ninjas managed to get a shot of her sideboobs—nipple and all!


Imogen Thomas is a topless ho ho ho

Sunday, July 18th, 2010


Now we know after the Imogen Thomas sex tape was released, you couldn’t get enough of the Welsh beauty queen. I guess it only makes sense to crave someone who’s proven to the world what a beast she is in bed what with the intense passionate lovemaking she’s showed in the sex tape.


Here she is looking all kinds of hot in these photos. Imogen Thomas tits is exposed while she looks at the camera all seductive and insatiable. She’s got the horny look in her eyes that clearly shows that she’s in need of a thick hard cock to violate her always wet cunt in any way possible.


The Shannon Twins naked and hot as hell in Playboy

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


What’s hotter than a naked blonde chick with a perfect 10 tits and ass? Answer:  two perfect 10 naked blonde twins! The Shannon Twins could just might be the most interesting thing that ever happened in Hugh Heffner’s playboy mansion but unfortunately, Kristina and Karissa decided to move out of Hugh Heffner’s mansion but with his blessing, their hot juicy tits will still appear in the famous reality tv show The Girls Next Door.


The Shannon twins naked bodies graced the double summer issue of Playboy as Miss July and Miss August 2009. Seen here in these pics are Kristina and Karissa Shannon both naked and sharing a chocolate in a lustful manner. Incest, much? In the other pics, you can see them both ass-naked while one of them sits on top of the other with her legs slightly spread. I could think of a better way on how to make these shots more boner-inducing but I’m afraid I’m already crossing the line.


Chanelle Hayes naked for Big Brother

Thursday, July 8th, 2010


Now here’s a wild bitch when you need one. If you follow one of UK’s most popular reality tv shows, then you must no doubt know this sexy vixen. There is no missing Chanelle Hayes tits onscreen and if you ask me, that’s the only noticeable thing about her when you first see her on tv.


Not that she doesn’t have an interesting personality but it’s her nymphomaniac sex appeal that makes her an eye-candy. Just fix your eyes on Chanelle Hayes’ ass. An ass like that needs to be exposed bare naked on television more. Or better yet, on a sex tape that will show more of her true abilities.