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Heidi Montag wearing a slutty outfit at the Crazy Horse

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Heidi Montag wearing a slutty outfit at some event

Before you react, we are not featuring eternally slutty celeb Hiedi Montag for the November 1 edition of Reality Star Scandals because the reality show star looks like she’s back from the dead. We featured her because her big boobs and epic ass can scare the lights out of young kids. Just look at these big boobed photos of Heidi Montag which were taken at the Crazy Horse, the strip club in Las Vegas held their 3rd year anniverary bash with the big busted 26 year old as one of the hosts.

Reality star Heidi Montag  showing off her tasty cleavage in a tight dress

The bombshell clearly cam to the event prepared. Crazy Horse is known to have the boobiest strippers in all of Las Vegas, and Heidi Montag’s tits can match any of the strip club’s girls. Woudln’t we all want to see this blonde reality show babe get in to a cat fight with a couple of skanky strippers. That would be the best Halloween event ever.

Reality star Heidi Montag shows off her big rack and big ass

The reality star might have come prepared with her big boobs in full view, unfortunately the at fight will not happen. The blonde reality series star was impressed with the dancers and even enjoyed a lap dance from two of them. Now I would kill to have photos of Heidi Montag’s surgically enhanced face getting smeared with stripper boobs. Visit Reality Star Scandals today to see more of this booby tv star and tons of other reality star scandals!

Heidi Montag candid shots of her big titties

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

heidi montag big boobs

Our resident paparazzi caught the boobilicious Heide Montag going to some sort of a baby shower party. Wearing a pink tight top, we can’t help but notice how her melons stand out for the whole world to see. We’ve seen so much of her in MTV’s The Hills but since then we couldn’t get enough of until her name becomes synonymous to large juggs.

heide montag big breasts

That’s right…flaunt it good baby yeah! Heide Montag doesn’t seem to mind any paparazzi focusing on her large pair of boobies. A sign of exhibitionism perhaps? Heck we all love to shoot loads of cum right on Heidi Montag’s big titties! Just protrude your big boobies more,Heidi…please!

heidi montag large melons

Feast your horny eyes on Heide Montag’s big breasts and see if you can’t help but slip out your cock and jack off. We also have tons more pics of Heide Montag naked. Don’t believe me? Come see them…I dare you.

Torrie Wilson, WWE diva on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Torrie Wilson WWE diva

Having been a professional wrestler since 1999, Torrie Wilson might not have anything to fear. She also admitted that not much grosses her much anymore, especially that she has been surrounded by “many, big strong burly wrestlers” for a long time. So this blonde bombshell is a great candidate to win the jungle-plotted reality show, “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Torrie Wilson WWE diva

Torrie Wilson was only a runner-up in the reality show, losing to Lou Diamond Phillips. But this only gained her more popularity. The blonde bombshell also appeared in the cover of various magazines, and was a part of many of the lists of beautiful and hot celebrities.

Torrie Wilson WWE diva

Anyway, check out Reality Stars Scandals for more of this blonde WWE diva!