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Cheryl Cole Is A Retro|Vintage|Old School Cutie|Beauty|Hottie On The Set Of Her New|Brand New Video

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

cheryl coles sexy ass in vintage clothes

29 year old British singing celeb Cheryl Cole is looking extra stunning than normal on the set of her new video. This Great Britain celebrity is wearing an old school look which really fits her, she isn’t as skanky as she usually is. The video taping is for the single titled Under The Sun and Cheryl Cole’s sexy pictures shows her vintage garbed buns and sweet sultry legs as she struts and tease the cameras.

cheryl cole's sexy and tight body

By this time, the English singer’s video is already being broadcasted all over the British Isles and some regions of Europe. Regretfully for us on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, we wont be seeing her sexy vintage style video. They won’t be releasing her new single on our part of the world. But for now let’s just enjoy the very fine stills of Cheryl Cole as she acts like a harpy while dressed in our grandparents wardrobe.

cheryl cole leaked sex photos

Too bad Cheryl’s video wouldn’t grace our screens straightaway, it really looks like she’s slutting it out. Cheryl Cole’s saucy pics shows her wearing a stylish late ’50s to early ’60s inspired get-up which back during that time was considered a bit scandalous. All the tight hugging garments she sported during the shooting complements that trademark Cheryl Cole ass and legs which she flaunts all throughout the vid, bumping and grinding the pleasing bum all over the place. This tattoo-loving UK star is simply awesome and by the looks of Cheryl Cole’s enchanting photos, this babe has found her niche!

Kimberly Wyatt is a retired Doll with a still hungry pussy

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Kimberly Wyatt

Before being one-third of the judges in Got to Dance UK, Kimberly Wyatt is one-fifth of the raunchy dance group The Pussycat Dolls. And even then, my eyes got glued to her gyrating on the dance floor, her whorish pout almost always in place with every fucking move.

Kimberly Wyatt

And she was just a lot hotter in this photoshoot with her flinging her hair away dancing naughtily while clad only in silk and lace and see through lingerie. I wouldn’t mind being her dancing partner just once. Armed with two left feet, I know she’d find good use for me when I try to sneak a finger in on that yummy cunt while lifting her and spinning her in the air. Or rubbing those blessed awesome tits when she starts sliding her body up and down against mine.

Kimberly Wyatt

Oh what the fuck, I’m just gonna grab her and haughtily throw her against the wall or unto the bed and sex her all night. My two left feet aren’t really up for the challenge of dancing with her but my big meaty cock is sure as hungry as her sweet pink wet twat. Look at these raunchy naked pictures of her and you’ll see what I mean.