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Kari Ann Peniche is a naughty nympho

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Kari Ann Peniche

If the name Kari Ann Peniche is making your cock stir and sniff the air hopefully, you might remember her from the sex tape featuring a menage a trois with Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane. She was also a reigning beauty queen in her home state before she was stripped of her title after she, er, stripped for Playboy. Naughty. And if her skankiness couldn’t have gotten any more obvious, she joined Celebrity Rehab to cure her sex addiction.

Kari Ann Peniche

I don’t know about ‘curing’ her nymphomania as much as announcing to every guy in the world she’s addicted to sex, but it really depends on what you see. But since you’re here to see Kari Ann Peniche’s naked pictures, I’m assuming you were drawn in by her confession to lots of steamy, off-the-hook fuck sessions. And with a body like that, I’m wishing Celebrity Rehab is all just a useless show. It had better be, or the world might just run out of sexy celebrities like Kari Ann Peniche showing off her their torn pussies to us prospective one night stands!

Kari Ann Peniche

But even if she does get cured and clean up her act, we can all look back at Kari Ann Peniche’s naughty pussy pictures and imagine better days when she would drop her panties at the sound of zippers opening.

Shauna Sand cocksucking MILF

Thursday, June 17th, 2010


One look at Shauna Sand and there’s one thing you can describe her: a whore. Well, a hot wild whore at that. To prove to us how much of a whore she is, she recently made a sex tape showing her snatch getting fucked by a younger dude. The Shauna Sand sex tape shows this horny MILF’s naked body walking around the hotel getting her pictures taken by the guy before she proceeds to the bed and gets her pussy fucked in different hot positions.


One thing I love about this bitch is that even at her age she still knows how to work her body around a guy’s throbbing cock. Just look at the what she holds and fits a whole cock in her big mouth. That’s something she’s learned from years of cock sucking experience and the best part about Shauna Sand’s cocksucking skills is that she ends it in a hot facial or by swallowing the shitload of cum.