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Caprice Bourret glamour lingerie photoshoot

Thursday, May 13th, 2010


Caprice Bourret has been featured in a lot of lad magazines including GQ, FHM, Cosmopolitan, Maxim and Playboy and you still wonder why? Just look at her smoking hot body when she slips into a bikini or her round tits and sexy thighs when she graces lingerie spreads.


That is why it’s not a surprise that Caprice Bourret was awarded GQ’s Magazine Woman of the Year and Maxim International Woman of the Year three times in a row. It must be the way Caprice Bourret’s tits and abs are built that makes her look insanely luscious infront of the camera…can you imagine how ridiculously hot she must be naked?


Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace topless Big Brother babe

Friday, May 7th, 2010


Not sure why Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is famous? Well, just take a look at these topless pics I posted here, man. This girl is sizzling hot. Yeah, Aisleyne and her friend in that cute pink bikini. What’s her name? Oh, sorry, I just got distracted.


Anyway, this blonde hottie rose to fame because of her stint in Big Brother UK. But before that, she already worked as a topless glamour model for various magazines and tabloids. So, it’s safe to expect that everytime this girl is out there on the beach in a bikini, we’ll get ourselves some awesome topless pics. For more of those, better check out Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace nude here.

Saskia Howard-Clarke, big-tittied Big Brother housemate

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Saskia big tits

Saskia Howard-Clarke is one of the most famous housemates from Big Brother UK. Even though she didn’t win the competition, she had a pretty big asset that made her a household name among Europe and the rest of the world. Can you guess what it is? It starts with T and ends with -ITS. Yeah, it’s her massive 34 FF melons (size I) that got her the fame that she wanted.

Saskia big tits

While inside the house, there have been speculations that Saskia got a boob job to make her racks that full and that big. There were scars on her chest that made people wonder. But Saskia’s tits are all-natural, and the scars were from a heart operation she had a few years back. And though millions of men and lesbians are quite happy with her big juicy juggs, Saskia isn’t. That’s why she’s planning to get a boob reduction surgery soon.

Saskia big tits

But Saskia won’t keep her supporters down because she’s planning to reduce her tits to a 32 DD size. Still, pretty big and yummy. But before they become smaller, let’s first check out her 34 FFs right here on Reality Stars Scandals.

Charley Uchea: tit-flashing chick from Big Brother UK

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Charley Uchea tit slip

Simply put, Charley Uchea from Big Brother UK Season Eight is the British counterpart of Asian famewhore Tila Tequila. I’m not sure who is worse among the two, but both have the same means of getting attention–exposing  their big tits. This former reality star is notorious for letting her tits hang out in public, anytime, anywhere. “Discreet” must be an alien word for her.

Charely Uchea topless

While inside the Big Brother house, Charley has had a raunchy reputation among her housemates and to the reality show’s audience. People call her the “most evil and bitchiest contestant ever.”  Maybe because she reveres herself a little too much. She said in an interview that she describes herself as “trendy, wild, argumentative – I speak so much. I’m flirtatious and I’m hot”.

Charley Uchea nip slip

Well, judging from her boobs, this Brit is indeed hot. I just hope she doesn’t fake a pregnancy and a miscarriage or something, just like what Tila did. Anyway, check this out for more of Charley Uchea topless pics and nudes.

Lucy Pinder and her big tits take over television

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Lucy Pinder topless

Lucy Pinder and her 32-GG breasts took over British television when she became one of the housemates on UK Celebrity Big Brother last year. So for a brief time, the British didn’t only experience Lucy’s hotness on print, but on television as well. Unfortunately, Lucy was the first to be evicted off the Big Brother house, to which the glamour model found “humiliating.”

Lucy Pinder topless

But that wasn’t the first time that Lucy graced the television screens. In fact, Lucy has been on several TV shows since 2004, her first show being I’m Famous and Frightened, a show about ghosts and spirits. Since then, Lucy has had brief appearances in the small screen. But her biggest TV stint was Big Brother.

Lucy Pinder topless

It’s too bad that she had to be the first one to leave, who knows, she might have stripped naked in there if she stayed longer! Oh, well, that’s never going to happen now, so let’s settle on Lucy’s hot nudes here.