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Paris Hilton Knows We Can Not Resist The Allure Of|Refuse Gawking At Her Bikini Hotness

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

paris hilton tiny bikini photos

Reality Star Scandals gives us tantalizing bikini photographs of Paris Hilton, proving that when it comes to being a reality celeb, the blonde hotel heiress is the real deal and No.1 reality star in the world today! She’s at some beach, the exact area is deemed unimportant, the important thing is Paris Hilton is there gracing the scene wearing a tiny sting bikini.

paris hilton cameltoe and nipples photos

By now, no one comes near on claiming Paris Hilton’s place as the top reality celebrity on the planet. She knows that whatever they say about her, the world will still feast on her candid pictures especially if she’s wearing a bikini! Paris Hilton’s tiny bikini pictures at the beach clearly shows that she knows the cameras are rolling, making sure that the paparazzi get her best side as she eagerly flaunts that skinny body. This top reality celeb is a professional cam whore and Hollywood is digging her vibes! There’s no such thing as overexposure and media saturation for Ms. Hilton. She’s hot and sexy and everything that this sexy reality TV celeb does is a Hollywood scandal waiting to happen.

paris hilton newest sex scandals

Paris Hilton’s amazing bikini beach pictures would have been better if this long-legged blonde starlet didn’t cover her crotch and butt area with that shoal. I bet she did that because her podgy camel toe is just too fat for her itsy bitsy bikini. If you like this celeb’s sexy teaser photos, head on over at Reality Star Scandals and see softcore and hardcore photos and sex tapes of Paris Hilton and tons of other reality TV show celebrities!

Trish Status, Armed and Famous

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Trish Stratus sexy pics

If you add hotness, fierceness, and wrestling, what do you get? Well, the answer is Trish Stratus, actress, former fitness model, former professional wrestler and television personality. Of course, when you hear of wrestling, you initially think of big, muscular bodies, often a scary thought especially if you think of being beat up by one. So it is truly a wonder that someone so hot and sexy would end up as a wrestling professional, but that’s just Trish Stratus is and more.

Trish Stratus sexy pics

Aside from her wrestling stint, this hot MILF also got herself a reality show by being a part of Armed and Famous, a series which followed five celebrities as they trained to become reserve police officers for the Muncie, Indiana, police department, followed by graduation. After that, the celebrities went on patrol with the same training officers who traditionally ride with new officers. The show was eventually canceled but Trish’s success as a television personality didn’t end there as she landed on more shows after.

Trish Stratus sexy pics

Anyway, if you want more of this Armed and Famous MILF, you can go ahead and check out more of Trish Stratus hot pics and nudes here.