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Daisy De La Hoya's topless photoshoot

Sunday, May 30th, 2010


Rock of Love 2 is the home of the most dirtiest, skankiest celebrity wannabes on earth. In here you will watch how these whores really get on with their day. Some are full of drama, some are full of shit and some, are full of jugs.  She may look just like an ordinary bimbo whore, but behind Daisy de La Hoya’s tits and wild attitude on tv, she is just a woman who needs not only to be fucked hard but to be loved good.

In an interview back in 2009, the big-tittied latina bombshell claimed that she is the neice of the retired boxer Oscar dela Hoya. I wouldn’t it, since she’s a damn knockout! She also stated that she’s a real person and everything you see about her is real, which makes me wonder…what about that rack, is it real too? In my personal opinion, since Daisy de La Hoya looks like a pornstar, she should just join the industry. I’m sure with her hot as hell bodacious body, she’ll end up being more famous than her uncle.


Tila Tequila does not realize nobody believes her shit

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Tila tequila flashing her tits

I hate Tila Tequila. Yeah, she’s hot and she has big, fake tits, and she fingers her pussy on a live webcam show, but she’s psycho. Of course, you have heard of the hundreds of publicity stunts that she has done, most of them she posted on Twitter to get everyone’s attention. Pretty sure some of you really didn’t care at all. But because of her craziness, she has been on every blogsites and her shit is actually making her a real celebrity!

Tila tequila flashing her tits

She has faked her lesbian relationship and engagement. She also has faked a pregnancy, and even a miscarriage. Now, she’s saying that she’s still pregnant and that she’s marrying the father of her baby. What the hell.

Tila tequila flashing her tits

Well, as a consolation for all the hating, at least she always get naked. And here are more of them.